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Pacific Recovery, is an executive sober living environment nestled on the beautiful coast of Dana Point, CA. Transitioning back into normal life should be as comfortable as possible and we are proud to say we have accomplished this goal. Many of our clients have found the tranquil ocean setting and the strong community relationships that are built as some of the transformative factors that have changed their lives.

Pacific Recovery serves as a stepping stone with a resident staff on call 24 hours a day willing to support and encourage sober living. The roomy house is fully equipped with a home office and supplies, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms with plasma televisions and all of the luxurious amenities that could be imagined in a fine hotel. Transportation services are offered for our clients to get to and from meetings and the staff resident can any other transportation a client might need.

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So, What is a Sober Living Environment?

In the field of alcohol and drug recovery, a Sober Living Environment is referred to as an SLE. The SLE is what could be called the middle ground in your path to recovery. Living at an SLE can be like a family in many ways. You are responsible to take care of yourself.

If you are willing, to ask those who work at these houses to help you gather the information you may need, your journey in recovery will be more rewarding and have a better chance of success. The SLE is were you get the chance to change your life.

SLE is the middle ground between freedom and Safety. No one could protect you from yourself in the past. You may have just gotten out of a residential rehab facility. After 28 days or longer very few are ready to restart a new life just yet.

The same world you were in before is still out there. Its not always easy to know if what we are doing is the best thing to do at any given time.

Talking to a friend, house mate, or staff member will always help you better understand what you may be feeling.

An SLE house will give you the time to understand, and assimilate what life is going to be like.You now know something in you wants to make a change. In an SLE you do not need to go through this life changing experience alone.

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Fight Your Addiction In Sober Living

If you are going through any type of addiction, help is necessary for you to get better. People who are addicted to something find that it is because they don't have the knowledge or information to know how to handle specific situations so they resort to bad habits for a quick fix. The only way to get away from those bad habits is to become aware of what you are doing, admit that it is negative and accept any treatment that is available and being offered to you. Some of these types of addiction are illegal activities and therefore, you are at risk of going to jail if you indulge in these kinds of behaviors. However, despite this fact, people do this anyway. They don't care about sober living. All they thing about is their habit and doing it every day will only lead to bad health and negative consequences.

Some people do make the change, but only when they get into trouble with the law and have to finally realize that they are headed in the wrong direction. Some people wait until there is a traumatic incident such as a DUI where someone else is killed before they come to grips with the part that they played in this situation. Their guilt and shame will move them to make the step toward sober living.

Addicts, who are willing and ready to make the change toward a better and positive life, usually do so in traditional rehab centers where they go through a thirty to ninety day program. They are detoxed and examined for health issues. They are then seen by a therapist or a counselor and are involved in group and individual therapy and counseling sessions. Some who know the value of faith, will instead go to a faith-based treatment center to increase and improve their spirituality. A lot of the conventional treatment centers have an inpatient program where the person can receive private care in order to protect their identity and be in a structured environment where substance abuse is not tolerated.


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Long Term Recovery with an Outpatient Treatment Plan

Our sober living environment is paramount in the creation of healthy living choices among newly clean and sober individuals. Significant increases in long-term recovery have been noted as a result of entering a sober living after an initial treatment program has been completed. Others, just needing time to detach from stressful personal, family or workplace issues will find out peaceful retreat just the right structure and encouragement.

Only a few minutes walk to the stunning beaches of Dana Point, our location offers an array of activities including sailing, world-class 18-hole golf courses, fishing, shopping and hiking. At Pacific Recovery all of your needs will be taken care of and give you exclusive time to think clearly and create an unshakable foundation in your recovery.


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Sober Living is Less Expensive than Treatment but more than Not Being There

California offers some of the best neighborhoods with sober living homes in the country.

It can be difficult to gauge what sober living homes cost, even after speaking with several sober living environment. The truth is that sober housing prices vary greatly, generally rising as accommodations and treatment approaches increase in quality. A general rule of thumb is that if an area has typically high rents, sober living homes will tend to be higher, as well. Neighborhoods in which sober living homes are situated can also make a difference in pricing, as safer neighborhoods more closely situated to public services and amenities tend to run a little higher in price.

Accommodations themselves will also have an effect on sober living home pricing. For instance, nicer houses with amenities such as a backyard, scenic views, swimming pools, jacuzzis or state-of-the-art kitchens will tend to run higher than basic apartments or older homes. Maximum room capacity will also have an effect on what sober living homes cost, with sober environments that limit room size to two persons generally costing a little more than those who pack more people per room.

The drug and alcohol recovery services and support that are provided at sober living homes will also affect a home's price tag. For instance, some homes are peer-run without professional supervision, and tend to carry lower price tags than those staffed with addiction professionals. Additionally, sober living homes that offer individualized therapy sessions, alternative therapy alternatives, and holistic mind-and-body services will also tend to cost a little more. However, even higher priced sober living homes tend to pay for themselves upon completion, as earning potential increases once sobriety is achieved, while formerly dependent individuals often find expenses decrease without the drive to purchase and use drugs or alcohol.